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Craigslist Roommate

Craigslist Roommate

Oct 1, 2013

Ted is thrilled to have finally found someone off of Craigslist to rent the second room in his house. He returns from work to find that his new roommate has …


  1. Dominic Albano /

    ill stick to getting cars off of Craigslist…

  2. Alexandra Simons /

    Nick should wear shirts like that more often;)

  3. Neil Gianan /

    I dont get it

  4. enddorb /

    They expressed disdain towards homosexuality. they cleared themselves though

  5. Jacob Sahlmueller /

    What did this fine gentleman/woman say?

  6. gfetco /


  7. Catesby Jones /


  8. wiredgroup /

    I don’t get it…

  9. Josip Broz Tito /

    did you not see the sex wax right next to the letter?

  10. Nova Lutiont /

    This actually got my emotions and I actually really hated the dude.. Doesn’t happen to me.. EVER

  11. enddorb /

    they said ew to homosexuality, or somthing. either way, they corrected themselves.

  12. Mikel Waithe /

    comment no longer exists…MY LIFE WILL NEVER BEE THE SAME!

  13. Joshua Qiu /


  14. Carissa B /

    What… The…. Hell?

  15. Ari Slonim /

    thought the same thing

  16. QueenLionHair /

    That’s being too kind to craigslist.

  17. Faierie Queen /

    I don’t get it

  18. CLDominator1 /

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  19. Aaron Master /

    That guy totally looks like frodo

  20. samuel matomobo /

    What is the song called that plays when he reads the note?

  21. Justin Tomson /

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  22. Forte Sasser /

    People on Craigslist are fucked up.

  23. Ultradalek7 /

    I didn’t get this video, so I spent half an hour researching Craigslist. I still don’t get it. Can someone please explain the joke for me?

  24. BlueWindTv /

    i would fuck that dude so hard the one with the workoutfit

  25. Rorschached /

    I’d suggest not going to Firepa.com and instead working for McDonalds. They pay more than $10.00 a month.

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